An Entrepreneur for Change.

This journey started with my passion for customer service, but the further I studied the more I began to understand how businesses work. Customer Service is just a small portion of a bigger customer experience initiative, and customer experience is just a bigger portion of culture management and the need for change



I am a proud alumnus of Southern New Hampshire University, with a BS in Organizational Leadership and Communications. My passion for business studies flourished out of a rough place of not understanding how to do business too late in my career. The day I became the master of my own development, I became an entrepreneur, motivator, public speaker, and educator. 

To further my knowledge and better suit my clientele, I am actively pursuing my masters at Quinnipiac University. My Master's will mirror my BS in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Strategic Leadership to better understand culture and change management.


Be Genuine. Be Tactful. Be Effective. Be Efficient

In 2017 after attending my first leadership conference ever, I left in such awe of the speaker and courage to start her own business. I knew in that moment that my success was in my own control and wanted to follow that same path.

By the end of 2017, Effective & Efficient Response came to fruition along with a 16-hour customer service training course.

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Professional Developer

Motivational Speaker &

Story Teller

This entrepreneurial journey has afforded me many great opportunities to work with some amazing people. The power of networking and a powerful message has been quintessential to much of my success. Having completed many panel events, hosting my own leadership seminars, and even doing my first TEDx event to name a few are what you can expect from me.

"In order for me to get to where I need to be, I needed to acknowledge the worst parts about me, and make a change."




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"The most intricate piece to your business is not the product or service you provide, but it is essentially YOU!"
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These simple five steps can take you a long way, and create fruitful relationships with your current clientele and even help you gain new ones. 
Just remember to S-M-I-L-E!
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“Every interaction should generate a new experience with a new response utilizing the same tools to create an atmosphere of loyalty leading to retention and profit.”



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